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At the end of this lesson you should be able to explain the importance of using your devices but also state ways your device can control you. Using webquest you should accomplished device management skills. This information is very practical and as such the assessment task that will follow will be from this content area. It is important that you not only learn about device control but aply it in your life and those around you the importance of meaninful interactions outside of a device. As a part of your learning goal you should be able to practise proper internet time and device management. This does not mean neglecting your school work or other online activities but lean techniques that allocate time for interaction and self care. Do not burn yourself out after all you are unique and irreplaceable.  At the end of this your evaluation will include creating a schedule of how you plan to manage your device for the  month. This should include all your current subject areas, time for device for school, entertainment or any other events you currently use your device for. Time for resting/sleeping should also be included. You should include the time that you plan to use as a breather, what you will be doing in that time and for how long. This should be done using any office sofware of your choice- word, powerpoint, excel, etc.  The task should be realistic, doable, and appropriate to the 24 hours you have within a given day. 



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