The Historian's Perspective of Civil War Battles



Good historians tell unbiased factual accounts of the war and provide a chronology of events. Your assignment is to construct a power point presentation of a specific battle during the Civil War from the perspective of a historian.

The class will be divided up into 7 groups of 3.  Each group will be using Microsoft Power Point to construct a presentation on a Civil War Battle. 

Each group will select one member who will draw a battle from a hat.  The group will then use the battle they have drawn to research information for their presentation.  The following are the battles that will be drawn from the hat.

 Battle of Antietam
 Battle of Gettysburg
 Battle of New Orleans
 Battle of Vicksburg
 Battle of Chattanooga
 First Battle of Bull Run (also called First Battle of Manassas)
 Battle of Shiloh

Every group member will participate in the research aspect of the project.  In addition to the research, each group member will have a specific job to complete for the assignment.  It will be up to the group members to determine the assignment of the jobs.  The jobs are:

Editor responsible for the compilation of the research.
Graphic Designer responsible for the design of the presentation.
Presenter responsible for the presentation.

Members of each group should complete an evaluation form on the two remaining members.  The group members will grade each other based on their participation in the group assignment.  Once the forms are completed they will be submitted to the instructor.

The final task will be for each group presenter to show and provide commentary on the completed power point.

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