Operation: Planet Zworfin



This Operation contains several highly sensitive missions.  You will be using your knowledge of web site evaluation in order to recommend which web site the Zworfins should rely on for the most accurate information on Mankato, Minnesota.  Remember that the Zworfins are considering moving to the town of Mankato, so they need the best information available to them in order to make a good decision.

Astronaut Responsibilities
1. You will review the main items that should be considered when evaluating a web site.  

2. You will evaluate two different web sites about Mankato, Minnesota.  

3. You will make a recommendation to the Zworfins about which web site is the best to use and why you believe that.

Astronaut Roles
During this Operation you will be working with a partner assigned by your teacher. 

Your astronaut team will have two different roles.  One of you will be the Pilot.  That person will navigate in the web site clicking on links, etc.  The other role is C0-Pilot.  That person will be the recorder of facts onto the forms.  After the first mission the roles will switch, giving each astronaut a turn at both duties.  The last mission requires both astronauts to work together. 

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