Multicultural Cooking



Getting ready for your visit to the foreign country you chose!
Your task will be to research a country and its culture in depth, gaining knowledge of their systems of living that will ease your integration on your visit. You will review The Canada Food Guide to assist you in choosing recipes to help plan healthy eating. You are expected to save all your research findings for compilation and a final presentation to the class. All your work will be graded so explore as many aspects of your country and its culture as is possible.
***To save your Canada Food Guide Quiz, copy and paste your answered quiz to a word document, title it 'CANADA FOOD GUIDE', be sure to include your name, then print it out and hand it in.
***Save your Research and your Planning/Budget worksheet attachments to the computer under 'My Documents' with 'YOUR NAME, NAME OF COUNTRY'). Periodically you will be asked to print some of your research findings to be handed in.
Have Fun....Your Destination Awaits!

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