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Now, if you are ready let's start.

  • Create groups of 4
    The first thing you need to do is create a team of 4 people. This is definitely a group project and requires teamwork. Make sure to ask your teacher if you need help creating your teams.
  • Prepare a report
    Your first task is to write a report about PI and PI DAY using the resources such as books, websites and other materials given by your teacher (You will also find these resources in the Process section).
  • Design a brochure
    Then, you will prepare a celebration brochure to inform your classmates and principal about your first PI Day celebration and its activities.
  • Present your work
    After completing your report and brochure, your group will present your work about PI and PI Day. The Report (with Brochure) and Presentation will include the followings.
  1. The Definition of PI,
  2. Where does PI come from?
  3. Where do we use it?
  4. Is there a PI day?
  5. When and, Why do people celebrate it?
  6. How should your school celebrate PI Day?x



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