Shopping for Family in Quebec City



Your French teacher has encouraged you to visit for a few years and you have finally taken the steps to make it happen.  While visiting the city, you have decided to get some shopping done.   You would like to buy gifts for 5 members of your family.  Visit the different shops to get the task complete.  This project is completed in two steps.  The first step (the brochure) is an individual grade and the second step (the PowerPoint and presentation) is a group grade.  You will find out your groups once the brochures are complete. 

The Brochure:  To help the participants focus on this quest, the Webquest will provide the participants with specific information for each family member such as interests and hobbies.  This will help the participants schedule a day of shopping appropriately.  Participants will calculate spending funds needed for the trip and purchases.  In addition, participants will research historical sites and attractions to visit on their trip.  Web sites will be listed for students to choose from. 

Your first task is to meet  your family.  See the link to find out more about your family in the resources listed below.  Plan your shopping day and purchases with this information.

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