Ancient Egypt



 During the project you will study Egypt from many different perspectives.

1.  First, you will look at Egypt through the eyes of a geographer, studying maps, learning about natural resources, physical features, and climate.  You will have specific assignments to complete.

2.  Next, you will assume the role of linguist.  You will learn about the Ancient Egyptian language, write your name in hieroglyphs, and learn about the Rosetta Stone.

3.  Your third role will be that of a researcher.  You will select the topic relating to Ancient Egypt that interests you the most, explore this subject using books, websites, and other resources, and publish your findings using Microsoft Word, Publisher, or Power Point.  You will share your finished product with the group.

4.  Next you will assume the role of an author and write a short biography of Cleopatra.

5.  Finally, you will test your knowledge of ancient Egypt by playing Jeopardy.




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