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Try to imagine...You have lived in Denmark your whole life. Suddenly, your quiet town is invaded by Nazi soldiers who believe that they should be ruling the world because all other races are inferior to their own. Many of your freedoms have been taken away from you by these Nazis. The Nazis have also censored all newspapers in Denmark because they do not want the citizens of your country to know what is happening. We've read that illegal newspapers were printed by resistors so that the people of Denmark could learn the truth. One of these papers we read about was called "De Frie Danske," which means "The Free Danes." Isn't it important that your friends and family are aware of what is truly happening around you? What will you do?

If you wish to help spread the word to your country about what is really happening, you could create a newspaper of your own. The goal of your newspaper is to expose the Nazis plan to take over your country, and let everyone know the truth.

Your newspaper should include the following sections:

  • MAIN PAGE(Headline) - should include three articles that answer specific questions about the Holocaust.
  • Section of REMEMBRANCE - details the lives of three or more children who were victims of the Holocaust.
  • Section of HONOR - a section that honors three or more heroes of the Holocaust.
  • TIMELINE - a section to highlight ten different events chronicling the Holocaust from beginning to end.
There is no more time to waste, your country needs you! Advance to process to learn how you will accomplish your task immediately!

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