A Tour of Europe's Gothic Cathedrals



Let's set the scene...you are a devout christian during the middle ages at a time when religious fervor is at its highest.  In your emotional response to show your faith, you pledge to leave behind all of your belongings and go on a religious pilgrimmage.  Although some of your fellow Christians take part in religious pilgrimmages to be in the presence of sacred relics, you want to marvel at the beauty of the new cathedrals that are popping up all over Europe.  On this journey, you will visit some of the grandest architecture the western world has ever seen and learn a bit about their construction.  When you return back to your community, you will lead your citizens in the construction of your own Gothic cathedral.  The various guilds will construct everything according to your plans, so it is essential you learn the new terminology of these buildings as they are foreign to the workers.  

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