Let's Move!



          Your parents have informed you that your family will soon move to a new region of the country for their jobs. You will either be moving to the West, the Northeast, or the South - it is up to you to choose. You must research this new region of the country and create a presentation for your parents based on the research you find to persuade them about why your family should move there.

It is up to you to find as much information as you can before the big presentation day. You will include vocabulary terms, information about landforms, maps, facts about your new region and other materials to help spice up your presentation. Make sure you check everything out about the region you are moving to so you will be prepared to answer all of your parents' questions!

As part of your presentation, you will also have to compare and contrast the human and physical characteristics of the region to which Michigan belongs (the Midwest) with those of the region in the United States which you will be moving to. You will be working with a small group of classmates (who are moving to the same region as you) to determine the human and physical characteristics of Michigan as well as your new region in order to help you with this part of the project.

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