The Importance of Turnout in Ballet



  1. Use different stretches to help strengthen your turnout and help develop better hip flexibility.  Also, research the correct techniques of turnout and which muscles should be used to succeed in this.

     2.  Before doing these exercises, research about possible injuries that could be obtained if stretching  or working your turnout in the wrong way.  While performing this task, make sure that you are stretching using the correct technique.  If you do not use the correct techniques, points will be deducted, as well as you becoming more prone to injuries.

       3.  Go to a ballet performance.  Watch the dancers' feet.  Notice their feet, their turnout, and their balance.  After seeing this performance, write a 2 page paper on the performance, using some of the new techniques of turnout discovered by your research.

       4.  Take a quiz.

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