The Mystery of Volcanoes




Welcome to the Mysteryís of Volcanoes

Congratulations you have just graduated from college with an Earth Science degree. Your career path is a volcanologist. You have been tracking many different volcano disturbances/eruptions this past year. You are very familiar with volcanoes; your home town has a volcano right on the edge of town.

So itís no surprise that this past week the mayor of your hometown calls you and asks if you will come and visit. He says that he believes the volcano is waking up. You agree to come and check out the situation. Youíre excited but concerned all at the same time.

The mayor meets you on your arrival and specifically asks if you will research and document everything there is to know about the volcano. He needs to submit the paperwork to the government in case there is a possible cause for an evacuation. The mayor appears to be panicked and not telling you everything so you really want to be cautious.

You decided to play by the rules and leave nothing out. Therefore, your plan of action will be to examine the structure of the volcano along with all possible features and characteristics related to its formation and potential eruption. You begin early the next morning.  (Click on Process)

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