The Beauty of a Butterfly



Step 1: Gather all of your materials: a jar with holes poked on the lid, some leaves and twigs that you will place neatly inside the jar, a log book, pencil.

Step 2: Now, go outside and find a nice tree or a flower bush. Begin searching for a caterpillar. Once you have found one, carefully take that caterpillar and place it gently in the jar and cover it.

Step 3: Take your jar with the caterpillar in it and place it somewhere safe and where you can see it every day as you pass. This way you will remember to obeserve it everyday. It would be nice to place it by the window so the morning sun can shine into it. Always have your log book and pencil near by.

Step 4: Observe the caterpillar everyday on the same time.

Step 5: Log down the time, date, and what you see. Make sure to log down what you also put inside the jar such as what kinds of twigs from what tree and the kinds of leaves you put inside for the caterpillar to eat. Put in how many days or weeks did the caterpillar change into a different state and how long it took for it to be a butterfly.

Step 6: During the stages, draw what you saw. From the beginning to the end.

Step 7: For the overall assessment, write down in your log book what you learned and how was your experience.



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