For your first task:
Plan a trip in which you drive 563 Kilometers miles from Bologna, Italy to Rome, Italy. Your car, which holds 10 gallons of gas and gets 27 miles to the gallon, is on empty, so you head to the local gas station. Gas in Europe is sold in Liters. You hit the road only to discover that the distances are measured in Kilometers. How far are you going to drive round trip, in miles and kilometers? If the speed limit is 96 km/h, what is the speed limit in mph? If you leave with a full tank of gas, drive until you are empty, and then fill back up, how many times are you going to have to stop for gas? How much gas are you going to have left in your tank at the end of the trip, in gallons and liters? How big is the gas tank in liters? How many Kilometers can I drive per Liter of gas?

*Bonus: In Italy gas costs $5.96 per gallon. How much money would that be per liter?

For your second task:
Catch a plane to Paris, on to Frankfurt, then to Amsterdam and back home. The maximum weight and dimensions for checked luggage is a linear length (length+width+height) of 158 centimeters and max weight of 32 kilograms. Carryon luggage max dimensions are 23cm x 36cm x56cm with a max weight of 18 kilograms. What are the luggage restrictions in inches and pounds?

For your third task:
The weather forecast for the trip is: 

Amsterdam -- Overcast with rain, Low temp 27 degrees Celsius, High temp 30 degrees Celsius
Paris -- Sunny, Low 21 degrees Celsius, high of 25 degrees Celsius
Rome -- mostly sunny, Low temp 31, high of 37 degrees Celsius

What is the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit? What types of clothes are you going to pack and why?

 *Bonus: How tall is the Eiffel Tower? (Feet and Meters)  How much does the Eiffel Tower weigh?  (Pounds and Grams)  


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