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Lets start digging!


RESEARCH A WILD WEST HERO.  In hole one you will be digging for information about wild west heroes.  The book, Holes, makes a reference to Kissin' Kate Barlow.  You will not be researching information about Kissin' Kate because she is a fictional character.  However you will be looking up information on real American Wild West Heroes.  Below you will find different links that contain information about a few wild west heroes.  Visit these sites and choose one person you find the most interesting.  Remember to use the back button on your browser to switch from one link to the other.  Use the research web provided by your teacher to record the information you have read.  After recording this information, create a portrait of your wild west hero.  This cannot be printed from the computer!  It must be drawn by you.  Leave enough room at the bottom of your portrait to write 10 important facts about the hero you researched.  Please keep any rough sketches that you draw.  Do not throw them away.  Punch holes in these items and place them in the 1st section of your binder labeled HOLE 1.  Ask your teacher for a research web to fill in.  Have fun digging!


RECREATE AN OUTERSPACECAMP.  The setting of the book takes place in a desert at Camp Green Lake.  In detail, using approximately two paragraphs, describe the setting of the book. Once you have completed your description visit the website below, which gives you information about the different planets in our solar system.  You will select one planet that you like the most, except earth, and use this information to help you create a Camp Green Lake in outer space.  When creating your camp consider a few questions. What will this new space camp look like?  What types of activities will take place?  What will these activities look like?  You will write a detailed description about this new camp that includes answers to all three of these questions.  Below you will find another link to a website that lists the different planetariums in North Carolina.  You might even want to visit one of the planetariums to gather additional information, receive hands on experience, and see physical images you can use to create the next part of this assignment.  (In the resource section you will see a word document that shows the correct way to format your summaries.  Please open this document and follow the same format. Place the camp descriptions in the second section of your binder labeled HOLE 2)

Once you have written your description about your new camp it will be time to complete the second part of HOLE 2, which is to make a scale model diorama of your camp.  Your grade for this part of HOLE 2 will be based on the accuracy of your scale, the connection of your original description, the quality of your reflection and essay, and creativity, appearance, and organization.

Howto create a scale model:
1. Choose your original object (can be an actual object that you can measure oran object that you can get measurements for, such as a football field or afamous building).
2. Decide if you want to make a larger or smaller scale model of the original.
3. Measure several sections of the original object, such as lengths, widths,heights of parts of the object (or find these measurements on the Internet ifthe object is too large for you to measure).
4. Decide on your scale factor (example: x2, x4, x0.5, x0.25).
5. Using your scale factor, calculate what the corresponding measurements willbe on your scale model.  For example, ifthe length of your object is 2 inches and you are using a scale factor of 3,then the length of your scale model will be 6 inches.
6.  Gather the materials you will need tocreate your scale model (cardboard, Styrofoam, scissors, glue, ruler, tape, etc.).
7.  Using the measurements you calculatedin Step 5, build your scale model.  Makesure that you have taken enough measurements from the original object so thatEVERY PART of the scale model looks the same as the original, just larger orsmaller (depending on your scale factor).

You can go to my web page and access the PowerPoint Presentation on Scale Models/Scale Factor to clarify.  If you still have questions, you can ask Mr. Williams.


RESEARCH A FAMOUS PERSON WITH DIFFERENT CULTURAL AND RACIAL BACKGROUNDS.   In the book, Holes, there are many characters with different cultural, and racial backgrounds.  The third hole you are digging will be about important African American and Asian figures from around the world.  February is black history month.  There are websites below for you to visit with information about these important people.  Choose one person to research.  Write a short, 3-4 paragraph biography about this person.  Only highlight the important parts about their life.  Create this in a Google Document ad Share it with Mrs. Grady.  I will print it out for you to place in your binder.  After completing the biography create a timeline about the important events in that persons life.  Be creative with your timeline.  Make it one of a kind.  Both items need to be placed in the third section of your binder, labeled Hole 3.

Ghengis Khan

Alexander the Great

HOLE FOURPainted  desert

DIG INTO THE UNITED STATES DESERT.  The setting of Holes is in the desert.  Visit the following website and fill in the tree map provided by the teacher.  Choose one of the animals or plants that are native to the desert and write a paragraph describing that animal.  You may use the following links to gather information about the desert.  Use the paragraph and a photo created by you to make a flyer.  The one page flyer should be an advertisement.  You are advertising a fundraising event that will raise money to help protect the animal or plant you choose.  Use your imagination and be creative.  The second part of this hole is to write a radio jingle.  A jingle is a small musical piece that is catchy and advertises a product.  You are advertising an event that you want people to attend to raise money for your cause.  Remember that music is a lot like poetry.  You may use any type of beat to help with your jingle.  For example, the words could go with the music to a popular song.  Be prepared to sing your jingle at your presentation.  Make sure you write down the words to your jingle.  I will be providing you with a format in the resource section on how you should write the jingle down.  Remember to include all parts in this fourth section; Tree Map, Advertisement, and Jingle.  Place these parts in your binder and label the section Hole 4.

  1. Examples of Jingles  (After entering the site click on the audio button to hear the examples)  http://www.bicmedia.com/


Final Book Summary


Please visit the website that is linked above.  This website describes what your book summary should look like.  Their are 10 parts to the summary.  Your paper/summary should be at least 10 paragraphs.  If you have any questions please let me know.  You will complete this in a Google Document and Share it with the teacher when you have completed it.  Title it Hole 5, book summary.  I will print out the summary for you to place in your binders in section 5.

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