Intro to Life of Pi



Task #1:  Follow this link: Comparison of Major Religions

Look at the table, and answer the following questions about Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism.

  1. How many gods do the religion's followers worship? Who are the major gods?
  2. Where do the followers worship?
  3. What are the religion's major methods for seeking redemption?

Task #2:  Next, use Google to find one resource concerning each of these three religions, write down (or copy and paste) a citation for the resource. Find two intriguing facts about each religion, and record the facts to share with the class.

Task #3:

Life of Pi takes place during a time of political unrest in India.

The family in the novel decides to leave their home for Canada because of the politics of Indira Ghandi.

Follow these links to learn more about Mrs. Ghandi and the political history of India.
Indira Ghandi Bio
Indira Ghandi

Map of India
  1. Who was Indira Ghandi?
  2. Why was Ghandi criticized?


 Task #4: Follow this link http://www.travelpod.com/travel-blog-entries/bcc8/bigtrip2007/1171107780/tpod.html.

1.        Look at the picture to see where Pondicherry, India is.

2.       Skim the travelogue and list some interesting facts about Pondicherry.  (I.E. What is the atmosphere like?  What is it known for?)

4.       Examine the pictures so you can see what Pondicherry looks like.

Task #5:  Extra Credit 

Do research on your own to learn about the Attack on Golden Temple.

Map of India
  1. How was Ghandi related to the attack?
  2. Why was the attack significant for Ghandi's life?



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