Let's Learn Adjectives



Task 1
  1. Open the "video 2" below in youtube
  2. Student have to memorize the words in the song
  3. Student have to sing a song by her/his self
  4. After that they will get new words, they can study how to pronounce the words, and they will memorize easily the words by sing that song.

Task 2

  1. Prepare sheet of paper size A4 and pencil or pen (Teacher have to print out the task)
  2. Open file word below
  3. Then write the adjectives words in the table
  4. Before you write in the table, you have to find adjectives words in the picture

Picture source https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/create-share-task-lists-no-signups/

Video source https://youtu.be/3JZi2oDvPs4


Web Link
  • Video 2
    Description: This video will help you to memorize quickly the adjective words


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