Endangered Animals



Part A

( Direction :  Answer these questions according to the description )

1. Q : Why do people hunt elephants?

    A :

2 Q : Why do people kill koala?


3. Q : Why does panda need a lot of food?

    A :

4. Q : Do you know rhinoceros? Why do people kill them?

    A :

5. Q : Why is orangutan endangered?

    A : 

Part B

( Direction : Match the words with the descriptions )

1. Polar Bear                                        a. herbivore and native to Australia

2. Komodo                                           b. often grips onto branches 

3. Orangutan                                      c. native to arctic ocean

4. Rhinoceros                                     d. reptile

5. Koala                                              e. have thick skin and valuable horn

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