Water Conservation



In groups of three, you will work together to make a Power Point Presentation.Your Presentation should include:

  • Outline 3 benefits of Water.

  • Identify where our water supplies are in Trinidad and Tobago. 

  • Explain 3 ways we can Conserve water.

  • Reflection on this activity.

Your task is to make others aware of how important water is to our survival. When you are finished with your power point presentation and presented to your teacher, your ideas will be noted and given to the appropriate authorities.

First, you will have to learn more about how we benefit from water.
Secondly, where it is stored or reserved in our country.
Lastly, learn ways to conserve water.

You can use many pictures or videos as possible and narrate it appropriately. Collaborate and communicate with your group members using emails, skype, voice notes etc.

After reviewing your resources and completing the research, you should have enough information to put in your power point presentation. 


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