Expedition Ecosystem



Pack your bags!

You are going on an expedition into one of eight different ecosystems to document the plant and animal life you find there. Your task while on your journey is to discover, illustrate, and describe two different food chains in your ecosystem. You must have at least four organisms in each food chain. You may not use the same organism more than once.

Ecosystems:  You will be assigned one:
     1. Tropical Rain Forest
     2. Temperate Rain Forest
     3. Hot Desert
     4. Cold Desert
     5. Deciduous (Temperate) Forest
     6. Coniferous Forest (Tiaga)
     7. Tundra
     8. Grassland

Each person in your team chooses one role to play and will complete their tasks on the Process page.

1. Lab Researcher - Gets the team started with information about their ecosystem and other items to prepare them for their journey.

2. Illustrator - Draws pictures of the organisms and how they are organized into food chains.

3. Field Biologist - Researches plants and animals in their biome and what they eat.

4. Journalist - Writes a written report of the food chains discovered and the ecosystem in which they live.



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