Bitcoin, the currency that is changing the world.



During this unit you go first of all to have fun

To begin and to have arguments and be prepared for the final activities, you must learn a little more in this fascinating world of cryptocurrencies.

Then, through the forum, you will give us your points of view on why you consider Bitcoin a good alternative or why not, using as arguments precisely what you learned.

As your other colleagues will also participate in the forum, you will interact with them online and you will respond to their posts, always maintaining respect and good communication. In these answers the idea is that you validate or refute their arguments with clear ideas.

Finally, you will read what your classmates told you and you will reflect on your initial position. Whether it's because you stay in your initial position, or because the arguments of your colleagues made you change your mind, you're going to record yourself in a short video telling everyone what you think of the Bitcoin world and how you think this will transform the world in 20 years.

Do each activity step by step according to the process that you will have next, and in the end you will have a surprise that you will like! Do not be annoying and do not read the end, it's a surprise!

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