Myth and Truth: The first thanksgiving



In a full-class discussion, have students share their thoughts on the "First Thanksgiving" in light of Bradford's report. Write their ideas on the board or on chart paper. The idea is simply to brainstorm a list.

You will be place in groups of 4 and as a team decide on which Myth they would like to do your presentation on. I will Pass out the Common Myths about the "First Thanksgiving" handout. When you have decided on the Myth you will present, you will research that myth and uncover the truths about myth of the Wampanoag and the pilgrim settlers.

As a group you will prepare a five-minute presentation to the class that explains your understanding of the myth, using creative drama, visual aids such as posters, music, illustrations, or an oral presentation. You will be provided a Myth and Truth: The "First Thanksgiving" Presentation Rubric as a reference for what you will be graded on.

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