Civil Rights Movement



Martin Luther King Jr and Malcom X. Photograph. 1964. Malcom X and Common Core Radical Vision Civil Rights - https://edsitement.neh.gov/blog/2013/05/13/. Web. 13 May 2013.

You are a leader of an organization that promotes equality for minorities. Recently in your community there have been incidents of inequality. It is your MISSION to bring awareness to these situations and to create change that promotes more equality among all citizens in your community. The members of your organization as well as members of the community are relying on you to lead them in right direction during this crucial time. 

In order to effectively complete this mission you will need to study the civil rights leaders of the past. Find out how they were able to bring awareness in way that created real change. There were also other ways that weren't very successful. You need to study those as well to find out what not to do. You are going to create mission statement for the member of your organization that maps out your plan of attack. Enjoy learning about the brave leaders of our past. Use their experiences and create your own way of promoting equality. 

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