The Most Powerful and Influential Political Leaders of World War Two

Task Assignment:


     Dear readers, throughout this webquest you will see and be introduced to a time of a devastating war that involved the most influential political leaders of that time. By the end of this wequest, it is our goal to help you to understand the causes of WW2. We also wish to help you to see what impact the war had on many nations. We hope that the information presented will give you a better understanding of WW2 and that it will help you to complete the task. Our task that we are presenting to you is that you answer our question, through means of a theater review that you, the reader, shall be writing, once you have finished going through the webquest. 

Our questions (try to answer in your own words): 

Who caused or started World War Two?

How did each of the leaders decisions impact the war?

What was their goal, and did they succeed?

- This webquest was created by Elisabeth Williams and Juliet Theuer. 


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