Levels of Organization: A Division of Labor



  1. First thing's first, you will receive a copy of the worksheet required to complete this webquest in class. Nonetheless, a copy of it is attached at the bottom of this page. You will write your name on this worksheet, and keep it with you until the webquest is complete. 
  2. Click on the following link: http://www.ladwig.vmsteacher.org/Webpage/4-TASKS/C-Exercises%20&%20Activities/LevelsofOrgnz&CellsWebQuest/LevelofOrg-b.htm
  3. Read the information in the link above and fill out the missing blanks on the worksheet. 
  4. Click on the following link: https://www.ck12.org/biology/human-body/lesson/Organization-of-the-Human-Body-BIO/
  5. Read the information under each subheading carefully. Complete any missing blanks and fill out the table. 
  6. Once you are done, answer the evaluation questions using the notes you have completed. 



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