Los Jovenes en Latin America

Task-What to do


You will work in pairs of 2 or three, and will use the resources listed in each activity to develop knowledge of the culture in Argentina.  All students must actively participate in the project.  At the end of the webquest, you create a video on your phone with a partner about what you learned.  The video will be from the point of view of two or more Argentine teenagers who spend the day together.  


MLII.CCC2 The students demonstrate an understanding of the similarities and differences between the culture(s) studied and those of the students’ own culture. The students:

A. Compare and contrast traditions, such as holidays, foods, and celebrations. B. Compare and contrast social conventions of the target culture(s) with the students’ own cultures, such as handshaking and kissing on the cheek. C. Compare and contrast the geography of the countries of the target language and the students’ own country and discuss its impact on culture.
MLII.CCC5 The students develop and apply target language skills and cultural knowledge beyond the classroom setting for recreational, educational, and occupational purposes. The students:

A. Illustrate how the target language and culture(s) studied are evident in and through media, entertainment, and technology. B. Locate and use resources in the target language, such as individuals and organizations accessible through the community or the Internet to reinforce basic cultural knowledge.

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