Adjective (kata sifat)



task 1

For each sentence, choose the adjective that makes the most sense to complete the sentence.

1. The chicken soup is very _______. (tasty/floppy)

2. My mom’s spaghetti is_________. (delicious/sharp)

3. The birthday party is _________. (ugly/fun)

4. The ________ children has no place to sleep. (poor/fluffy)

5. My shoes are _________. (soft/angry)

6. My sister’s body mist is_________. (frilly/smelly)

7. Andi Rianto’s music is ___________. (generous/energizing)

8. The theatre show is _____________. (dramatic/furry)

9. Their home is very __________. (challenging/comfortable)

10. Our school is ________. (salty/large)

11. The wedding party was _______. (old/noisy)

12. Harry’s motorcycle is _________ (crunchy/fast)

13. Our neighbour has a _______monkey. (friendly/bumpy)

14. The weather is ___________ today. (chilly/smooth)

15. My new dresses are ________. (clever/fashionable)

16. Those students are ________. (intelligent/rectangular)

17. The village library is _______. (useful/chewy)

18. My father has a __________ horse. (brown/scaly)

19. The musician played an __________ violin.(expensive/large)

20. My friends invited me to a _________ party. (fancy/sleepy)

task 2

create a group consist of 2 or more students and make a dialogue about adjective!

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