Field Trip to the Eiffel Tower



The first item on our agenda is to take a quick tour of the Eiffel tower and learn about some of its history. Then we will watch a video that explains some of the process of actually building such a tall structure. As we watch this video, we will consider how our knowledge of parallel lines could be used to ensure that each leg of the Eiffel tower is the same height. Next, we will use the Pythagorean Theorem to calculate how far away we must stand from the base of tower, in order to be a certain distance from the top. But wait!! We can’t end our trip without first picking out a souvenir! Well, in our case building a souvenir. We will conclude our trip by watching a video discussing the proportionality of the Eiffel Tower and a smaller model, and will use our knowledge of similar triangles to create our own model (to-scale) out of pipe cleaners.

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