Matter and Energy in Ecosystems



By the end of this WebQuest you will understand the relationships between organisms and their environment through the transfer of energy and matter that takes place within an ecosystem. 

Role: You are an Ecologist from a distant planet. Your job is to document the ecosystems of your planet and all the living things that inhabit it.

Audience: After a natural disaster, you hope to send the information about your planet to the neighboring planets in your galaxy to seek help in returning your planet to its natural balance.

Format: You will send documentation of the native species diagrams of the natural food web before the disaster, as well as the devastation that the disaster has caused on the food web. You will do this through the following documentation:

  • Planning document describing the organisms in your food web and the effect of the disaster
  • Poster with a food web diagram and graph showing the change in population of one organism affected by the disaster

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