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You will be engaged in arriving at a solution to a real world problem that could be given to students as a project activity. It will require students to work in Groups/ Teams.

Task to be completed will require you to

  • use a spreadsheet ( Microsoft Excel preferable) to create charts and perform calculations. 
  • perform measurements in metric and or perform conversion from inches to centimeters (calculations should be in metric)
  • Understand about germination  and green house
  • Make profit projection
  • Research or collect information on factors that would impact negatively on crop production
  • Make recommendations 


The school would like to convince the farmers in the school community to gradually implement greenhouse technology in the production of sweet peppers for the hotel sector. You will conduct an investigation using the existing green house at school to determine how efficient it would be to grow sweet peppers in the green house so as to convince the community farmers.The students will provide income and expenditure related to project.

You will provide your findings at a community meeting.


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