Therapeutic Hypothermia



In this WebQuest you will learn how to treat a patient following cardiac arrest and return of spontaneous circulation. You will watch the videos, and read the articles in the process section in order to obtain the knowledge needed to complete the course.

The learning outcomes are as follows:

1: Nurses will be able to identify when therapeutic hypothermia should be used.

2: Nurses will be able identify three cooling processes.

3: Nurses will know how to care for the patient during the initiation phase.

4: Nurses will know how to care for the patient during the maintenance phase.

5: Nurses will know  how to care for the patient during the rewarming phase.

The learning outcomes will be measured through the use of a quiz, accounting for 40% of the overall grade, as well as a discussion post accounting for 60% of the overall grade. Please see the grading rubric located in the "evaluation" section of this website for discussion post scoring.

Please contact me at evdecker@yahoo.com for any questions or concerns throughout the unit of instruction.

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