1 Day Assignments -

Pickleball Court Design

Create a diagram of the pickleball court and label them using the following: Non Volley Zone, Right Service Area, Left Service Area, Net, Sideline, Centerline, Non-Volley Line, and Baseline

Pickleball Crossword

Use following link to view the crossword and complete by listing the Across numbers and Down numbers.


2 Day Assignments


Define the following Pickleball terms and site the source where you got the information

- Ace, Backcourt, Backspin, Backswing, Backhand, Baseline, Centerline, Champion shot, Cross-court, Dead Ball, Drive, Drop Shot, Falafel, Follow through, Forehand, Groundstroke, Lob, Non-Volley Zone, Rally, Side Out, and Smash

Double or Two Bounce Rule

Completely explain what the Double or Two Bounce Rule is.

Whats the Difference?

Name three differences between Pickleball and Tennis and Name three similarities between Pickleball and Tennis

3 Day Assignments

Doubles Serving

Completely explain the tournament style serving rules and site your source.

5 Day Assignment

Play Pickleball

Find a court and drop in to play. If you play in one tournament or 3 days worth it will replace 5 days missed. In order for you to get credit for the days played you must bring a note back with you signed by the people you played with. Must include dates played, time spent playing and location of play.

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