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Today we are going to learn the concepts of “sinking” and “floating” through a science and sensory experiment called Dancing Raisins. In this cool science experiment, you will learn and demonstrate how to make raisins "dance" up and down in a glass or bottle, using nothing more than a few items that you generally find in a kitchen. Turn on some dance music and observe the raisins begin to dance (float) their way to the top of the bottle. The raisins will dance until they run out of gas. Literally !!!!



What do you think will happen when you begin to drop the raisins in the soda?
What do you think would makes the raisins dance?
What do you think would happen if you put the raisins in water?


Now drop a raisin into the glass. What do you notice? At first they sink, but then something changes. Look at the raisin covered in bubbles. The gas bubbles have increased the raisins’ volume. Up, up, up it goes! Once the raisin reaches the top, it sinks. Then it floats again. What’s going on?  


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