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Read through all these steps first, and hand write all your survey questions first.   Before you leave today, you will need to submit handwritten questions to me for a review check and feedback.   The google form setup should come LAST!

1.  First, come up with no more or less than 5 basic background questions to divide your samples.  Do not ask teachers' names.  You can and should ask things like subject area (keep it broad...science, foreign language, social studies, etc).  Include anything else you think would be helpful in breaking down your data.  Examples, year's teaching? age ranges? race?  Give required multiple choices for all of these.   Open ended questions in surveys do not work well.

2.  Create a question to find out their political ideology and party affiliation.  You want to give choices, but not too many and also a "rather not say" or "other" type option for them.   Remember, ideology is different from political party!  Ask for both in two separate questions.

3.  Insert the Gallup question exactly as it is written in the article you read at the start of this Webquest. 

4.  Give your poll a title that is descriptive, but beware the bias! 

5.  Finally, write down and brainstorm original questions you want to ask involving the topic: Attitudes About the American Health Care System and the Affordable Health Care Act. You will need no more or less than 7 additional questions (with the steps above, this makes 15), to be given anonymously.  You should use some of the things you learned from the ACA graphic organizer as well.  For example, "Do you use the Wake County health care or do you get your healthcare in another way?"  If you ask a question like that, then you might need another follow up question..."spouse's health care", "Medicare", etc.  Where people get their health care might affect their attitudes.   You might want to ask "awareness" questions about the ACA, but again...beware the push poll!  "Are you aware 21 million people will lose health insurance if the ACA is struck down?" isn't how you should word that type of question.   



  1. ...the rules of create good survey questions and response choices.  Avoid the "Dirty Little Secrets", and other things that create a biased or inaccurate poll.  For a refresher, click The 10 Commandments of Creating Good Survey questions.  
  2. Next, work to create this survey using Google Forms.  Here's how....
  3. One person from your group needs to login to our Team Drive, in the Polling Project folder. 
  4. Create a New Form.  To do this, right click, click More and choose New Form.  From here, you will create your questions and responses. You must create no more or less than 10 questions related to the topic.   Check all of them to be "required".   
  5. When you are finished adding 10 questions, save this form, click on the Setting wheel in the top right hand corner.  Deselect all the boxes so the survey will be anonymous.
  6. Finally, email ME the final link.  To do this, click on Send in the top right corner of the form.   Make sure "collect emails" is unchecked.
  7. Then click on the "paperclip" button and choose Shorten URL.   Copy and paste this link in an email to lthrower@wcspss.net.   DO NOT send this yourself to any teachers.   I need to approve first before sending.
  8. Due date for the hand written questions is today.  You will have a short amount of time Monday to start these in google, but ultimately, it's up to  your group to get this survey completed and emailed to me by WEDNESDAY of next week.   
  9. Once volunteer teachers take both polls, THEY will decide which poll was most free of bias and better at collecting data to answer the big idea...Attitudes About the American Health Care System and the Affordable Health Care Act.
  10. We will look at results in class next week.

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