Timeline: Our Lives



In order to complete this mission... First take a look at the life of someone whose life was a constant one! 

Click on this link or watch above: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThZj9TEMwgE 

After, it's time your brain took a journey down memory lane. Do you remember what your 4th birthday party was like? Do you remember your first day in Kindergarten? Can you remember the day you got your first A on a test? Today you will look at the important events that have taken place in your life - starting from the day you were born and all the events in between, to now, and beyond. 

Today, you will create a presentation of your life - the past, the present, and what you wish the future will be like for you. 

Do you wish to be an explorer? A dentist? A teacher? It's up to you!


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