Digital Revolution Changes the World: The 1990's

24 Hours News World


You will need headphones for this lesson!  If you are on school computers, make sure you login to your wake id in the top right hand corner of the web browser so you get all the youtube.com content correctly, without error messages.

Directions: Click and watch each video link or portion of the video listed and answer the questions on your handout. Make sure you include enough detail in your answers to PROVE you understand the significance of each event. Full credit only earned if you answer clearly and coherently.

News Videos #1: Watch both > First World Trade Center Attack and then this video on the terrorist attacker

News Video #2: Religious Cult at Waco, Texas 

News Video #3: Oklahoma Federal Building Bombing

News Video #4: Columbine High School

News Videos #5:  Los Angeles Riots  (wanna see more on the Rodney King video that shocked the nation?! --click here )

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