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Tasks Task

You will be investigating ‘ratio’. Then you will investigate its uses and the different types. Finally, you will discover how ratio is used in real world problems. Create a project with the above questions and ensure to place examples in the assignment. This should be submitted in to the class at the end of the lesson and should be done in pairs.

A total of 120 students attend Top View High School. The ratio of teachers to students is 1:30

  1.  How many teachers are there at the school? Two-fifth of the student own personal computers.
  2. How many students do not own personal computers? 30% of the students who own personal computers also own play stations.
  3. What fraction of the students in the school, own play stations? Express your answer in its lowest terms.
Ratio Quiz
This quiz test the students ability to do ratio
Ratio Quiz 2
This quiz should be done as practice exercise. Have fun.
Ratio Game
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