The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Chapters 1-4



 Your task is to gain more insight about some of the characters in our novel, the factors that contributed to the atrocity of the Holocaust. You will gather relevant information, record the 
 information, and use it  to create an assessment for your classmates. You  need a  minimum of a half page of information for each task below. 


 1. Explore who "...the beautiful blonde woman who had come to dinner with the Fury..." is.

 2. Research the Hitler salute that Bruno's father taught him, as adapted by the Nazi Party as a sign of loyalty to Adolf Hitler and what the accompanied words Heil Hitler! said in a firm, loud voice originated and how it was used during Hitler's reign in    Germany.

 3. Discover the meaning of Antisemitism and how Adolf Hitler gained his massive power. 

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