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Risks and Benefits of Oil Drilling for American Oil

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You and your partner are at the center of a hot debate which is taking place in the town of Poorville, Missouri.  The topic at hand is an oil drilling project that is projected to bring in millions of dollars to the dilapidated town.  Half of the community is ready to move forward with the project, excited for the financial impact it will have on the community.  The other half of the community is staunchly against the idea, fearful of the effect that oil drilling will have on Mother Earth.  Next week, an Environmental Board, made up of local leaders, will meet to decide how to move forward with the project. 

After watching the oil drilling video, analyzing the photo gallery, and reading the articles, you and your partner will need to decide which side of the debate you will be on.  Once that decision is made, you will develop a PowerPoint Presentation that will be presented to the class.

Although this is an opinion, your opinion MUST be based on facts.  As all good scientists know, facts are crucial when making important decisions regarding our natural resources.  Keep this in mind while you are reviewing the video, pictures, and articles.  Be sure to keep detailed notes of the information that helped you arrive at your final decision.  

It's time to put your scientific knowledge to work, and to make a difference in Poorville, Missouri!  Good Luck!      

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