Government, Class Systems, and the Effects on Identity



Throughout this WebQuest, you will explore the themes of government, class systems, and identity - both within BNW and how these themes apply to the real world. Your goal is to gather information about how government-imposed class systems affect identity.

You will do this in 3 different ways: Read & Respond, Select & Support, and Create. 

Students will be able to - 
  1. Identify components of a caste or class system and establish how they influence identity
  2. Determine the ways in which government systems use classification to exert control over its citizens
  3. Establish the types of government which are using caste or class systems and identify similarities between each
Finally, you will create a visual representation of your identity, reflecting on how your government supports it, and how you express your true identity.

Remember - this activity is going to require you to carefully read the material and use your analytical skills to draw comparisons! So stretch your brain muscles and get to it!

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