This is a group activity wherein you are going to share your thoughts and opinions about volleyball. After sharing, you can browse the net to supplement your answers. For this activity,  the things you need to do is to answer the questions below consisting of 5 simple questions and 1 big question to be places in a manila paper.  Here are the suggested steps that will help you to accomplish your goal:

Step 1: Use the provided websites and others to answer the following simple questions:

        1.  What is volleyball?
        2. Where was volleyball originated?

        3. Who introduced volleyball?
        4. What are the different equipment used in playing volleyball?

         5. What are the rules and regulations in playing volleyball?

Very Important!  All internet sources should be properly cited in all your work.

Step 2: Big question:

        1. Why is it important to know the origin/ history of volleyball?

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