Around Poland in 7 Days



You will work with your classmates on creating a perfect trip to Poland. To do that you will need to split up into two different groups.

If you choose the first group, you will be one of the travel agents who have just founded their own travel agency. Your role is to help the family plan, choose and arrange their holiday in Poland. You will work to a budget set out by the family (4,000 euros). You will prepare a detailed itinerary.

If you decide on the second group, you will be one of the members of a family consisting of 4 people: mother, father and their 2 children. After the travel agency makes the travel plans, you will create your travel diary in which you will show us the places you visited as well as justify that your trip is affordable by presenting the budget. Will 4,000 euros be enough for a trip of your lifetime? Will you manage to visit four cities which are a must during seven days. Will you be able to save money to buy some souvenirs?

Do your best and be creative as we will give the winning team a prize.

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