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When completing this webquest, put all of your research in google classroom using the Google Earth tour that I provided.  You will find it under "The Manhattan Project" link.  You may work in groups of two and at the end of your webquest you will share your findings with the rest of the class using a PowerPoint presentation.  The PowerPoint presentation must include specific dates of the Manhattan Project, where Trinity is located and and when it happened.  You need to include photos, photos of newspaper articles, and cited sources of where you found your information. In Google classroom put all of your notes in the course blog so I can see your progress. *PLEASE NOTE THAT REFERENCES FROM WIKIPEDIA WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED*  


Web Link
  • New York Times
    Description: There are many in-depth articles from this very respected news source.

Web Link

Web Link

Web Link

Web Link
  • Google
    Description: A great search engine to start your task

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