Musical Time Periods



1.      Students will be divided into groups of three.  Each student will be assigned one of three roles: Composer, Genre Specialist, or Historian.  The duties for each role are describe below:
1.      Find the names of 3 major composers of the era.  List their names and birth/death dates.   (1 Slide)
2.     Write a paragraph biography about 2 of the composers. ( 2 slides)
Music Specialist:
1.      What were the main instruments used in the era. (1 slide)
2.     What were the popular musical styles (opera, symphonies, church music, etc.) ( 1 slide)
1.       List 2 important (NON-MUSICAL) events that happened in your era. (1 slide)
2.     Find 1 famous NON-MUSICAL people from the era and list the following (1 slide):
Name, Birth/Death date, Why they were famous
     Each group member is to make power point slides for each task.  The slides can be combined into one project when everyone is done.

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