Gilded Age: Captains of Industry...Too Much Wealth?



Directions:  Using the handout provided to you in class, and the website links found below for each step, read, research and improve your summarizing and communication skills as you work your way through the handout.  Each student should submit a handout and work individually on their own. Avoid copying information directly from the websites...anyone can do that.  Read, re-word, re-state!   

Step 1:  Use this reading to summarize definitions for the terms on the handout in your own words.

Step 2: Using this political cartoon "The Octopus", answer the questions on the handout. 

Step 3:  Use the following information in the summary Prezi's to fill out your chart in step 3. . Use good research skills...read for understanding, then re-word and summarize.  DO NOT COPY WORD FOR WORD.  

Click each man's name to open the Prezi for research.  If you have never used Prezi, scroll through using the arrows in the bottom middle of the pane, zoon using + or - in the middle right of the pane.

Keep your handouts when finished to discuss! 

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