Gilded Age: Captains of Industry...Too Much Wealth?

Instructions and Links for Gilded Age Industrialists Webquest


Directions:  Using the handouts provided to you in class, and the website links found below for each step, you will need to read, think and argue opinions you form based on the knowledge you learn.  Each student should submit a handout and work individually on their own. Avoid copying information directly from the websites...anyone can do that.  Read, re-word, re-state!   

PART 1:  Use this link of info to fill out PART 1 on the handout in your own words.

PART 2: Scroll through this link of 6 Gilded Age political cartoons about monopolies to answer PART 2 on the handout. 

PART 3:  Use this link of readings and follow the instructions on the handout at the top of PART 3.  .

When you are finished with all your work, turn the handouts into the box and work quietly until the bell rings.

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