Save the Baltic Sea



Task 1

Dear 6C! 


have recieved a letter from the News Station Channel CYou can find all the information about what you are going to do in the letter. Please read it carefully 


"Dear students! 


As you probably have seen, my reporters could not inform our viewers about the situation in the Baltic Sea. Now we need your help to complete the mission! The Baltic Sea is in danger. It is damaged by the pollution. My channel must inform the humanity about the situation to have an opportunity to make a change for the Baltic Sea. I want you to search for facts about the Baltic Sea, how it is damaged and how it affects both sea life and humans. When you got the knowledge about the Baltic Sea-situation, I want you to inspire others to make a change.  

In order to help the Channel C: 

  • I need your help to make a movie. It shall be a news reports with information about the Baltic Sea-situation.  

  • also want you to make a newspaper where you present solutions and own ideas of how people can make a change. 

Best regard, Miss Jonson"

Task 2

In this task you are going to work in pairs and write a flyer with information about the situation in the Baltic Sea and give suggestions of solutions of what we can do to help the Baltic Sea.


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