Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet



Please answer all research and performance task questions for each section of the webquest. There are 4 sections of the webquest that all students must complete:

1.  William Shakespeare: An Introduction to his life
2. The Elizabethan Theatre
3. Elizabethan Language
4. Background Information on Romeo and Juliet

Each section is worth 25 points for a total grade of 100 points.

Every student is expected to work with one partner to complete the webquest. You will have only two class periods in the computer lab to complete this webquest. The webquest is to be completed in one full school week. Webquests that are incomplete will only be able to receive grades of C+ and below. 

All students will be completing the webquest on Microsoft Word. Copy and past all activities and performance tasks with you and your partners completed answers onto Microsoft Word. When all tasks are completed print out the assignments and turn in by the due date.

*All students must have a cover page when turning in the assignments. The cover page MUST INCLUDE: the title of the webquest, both student names, the date, and the class block.

* After completing the Quizlet in Activity 4, please print out your test score and turn in with the rest of the completed activities.

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