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In the restaurant

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ˇFelicitaciones! You recently opened a restaurant of creative cuisine in Spain. In order to be classed as a 5 star restaurant, you are require to design the menu for the day with creative cuisines of Spain. For thatyou are going to need:

Decide the name and the type of restaurant. As it is fashionable, you have to find fun and little obvious names. For example: salad to the 4 winds.
Develop a menu for customers in which you write only the name of the dishes according to the following structure:

-First meal of the day (Breakfast Menu)
-Second meal (Dinner)
-Third (Dessert)

You are required to research on various cuisines typical of Spain and what they are made of.

Create a menu for the waiter that you write the name of the dish, the ingredients and the way in which foods have been prepared.

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