Test Project Unit 3: Imperialism and World War I

Part A: Yellow Press Magazine Cover


PART A)   Yellow Press "Magazine Cover" Selling Imperialism

First, you'll need to click this link and review the definition of "yellow journalism" or the "yellow press".  Make sure you understand how yellow journalism is different from regular journalism.  You're going to be creating your own "yellow press" magazine cover in the Poster My Wall project group I have created.  The cover will be written in as if you are living in the Age of Imperialism "speaking" to the American public, encouraging imperialism in a region around the world for various reasons (social, political, economic).

Use the notes you took in class to help you, and also this Powerpoint, which reviews in more detail.  When you are ready to begin, read through the Login Instructions and Checklist and make sure your Magazine Cover will have all the required components...  

  1. Go to https://www.postermywall.com/index.php/landingpage and click on Log in in the top right corner.
  2. Look down on the Left side and Click the Student Login button and then enter the project name, "Test Project 3rd Period" or "Test Project 4th Period".
  3. Click on "Create a Design" and then choose a Temple Design (poster or Instagram post works well)
  4. When your choices come up, Choose a Solid Color, pick a color, then choose Apply.
  5. In the right pane where it says "Title", change "A New Design" to your first and last name.   
  6. Click the Save button to save your poster in the this group.  (don't download, just click Close)
  7. Save your work frequently.   You can get in later and edit, but make sure you don't lose your work! 

CRITERIA: Your goal as a yellow journalist is to get Americans to support imperialism in far away countries. Your magazine cover must be easy convincing and use similar tactics to yellow press of the past.   You MUST include the words in blue in your magazine cover in some form:

___(5 points) The magazine cover needs to reference one or more of the regions we discussed in class on Tuesday (Hawaii, Cuba, Philippines, China, Alaska, OR Panama). You are using yellow journalism to "sell" the idea of involvement in this region to the American public during the late 1800s or early 1900s, arguing FOR its benefits.
___(10 points) On your cover, you must include at least TWO specific reasons with examples that American should be the imperialist (pg 1 of your Imperialism notes chart)...political, social OR economic.  Give an example we learned about and categorize it as social, political or economic (see example graphic above)

___( 15 points ) Include at least 3 vocabulary terms . For example, "Hawaii is rich in extractive economies, like pineapples and sugar! Help American businesses get rich on these profits!"   (see below for list of acceptable vocabulary terms)
-- (5 points) Argue AGAINST an Anti-Imperialist idea, telling the public why the Anti-Imperialist are wrong. For example: "Anti-imperialist say...blah blah...they are wrong because...blah blah"
-- (5 points) Copy and paste one related political cartoon of this time period as related to your nation or region. You can google "imperialism political cartoons Panama" for example, to find one related. If you need help adding graphics, ask the teacher!

VOCAB TERMS: Alfred T. Mahan, extractive economies, "Frontier Thesis", "civilize", White Man's Burden, missionaries, diplomacy, USS Maine, De Lome Letter, Queen Liliuokalani, Rough Riders, Open Door Policy, to annex

You earned _______ out of 40 points. (-10 if late)


When you are finished with all of the above, click on World War I in the left pane of this window to get directions for Part B.

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