Business Ethics Level 3 Business Year 2 - Assignment 3




Investigate the social implications of Apple’s business ethics. They want you to deliver a presentation to all of the charity’s staff explaining the impact of the different areas of activity within Apple and the implications that they have. This must include all of the bold information below.

Ethics in finance [e.g. bribery, executive pay, insider trading, lobbying]
Ethics in human resource management [e.g. discrimination, worker surveillance]
Ethics in production [e.g. animal testing, GM foodstuffs, planned obsolescence]
Ethics in sales and marketing [e.g. spamming, shills, product placement, green washing]
Ethics in intellectual property [e.g. software piracy, counterfeiting, peer-to-peer file sharing]

Implications: (Environment, Corporate, Policies and Practices, Individual)

This presentation is to be delivered verbally.


How much are Apple's top executives being paid in comparison to the people that make their products?

Human Resource Management:

What are the social implications of the way Apple uses Foxconn to produce all of their products?


How do Apple get their customers to continually buy their products?

Sales and Marketing:

How do Apple benefit from product placement within films?

Intellectual Property:

What are/were the implications of Apple's lawsuit against Samsung?

What are the implications to Apple of their different ethical business practices? (global/corporate)
FOXCONN Working conditions



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